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Ambassador Dason is the main villan of Ratchet & Clank: Wipeout. He is the leader of a race called the Cerulleans however he is not from that species.

History Edit

Navan Dason started out as a member of the Royal Family of Cafirania, however he did not like how he was treated. He was treated worse than the other members (because of him being an child) and decided leave with no trace at all. With his history of greed, he decided ambitiously to take over the Universe, to wipeout all life apart from anyone who was willing to serve for him. Dason wanted rewrite life, so he could be the ruler of the universe. He wanted people have a wealthy and luxorious lifestyle - unlike his royal family - and for all life to serve him was his goal. When he migrated to the Lunaria Galaxy, he became partners with a race - the aforementioned Cerulleans. He recruited an army and equally treated them so he could be trustworthy. But wanted to slave them once he had the universe in his hands. Dason found Cosmonia, a poor galaxy with light defense. He quickly set up base on an uninhabited planet he named Cerullia. Dason slowly took over, planet by planet. He was stopped by Ratchet and was defeated.

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