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Gadgetron's apOCTOlypser turns enemies into octopus. Similar to UYA, there will be a large octopus that will grab up to eight enemies and eat them. After all eight are eaten, it blows up with guts (that damage enemies) flying everywhere! If there are fewer than eight enemies, the large octopus will follow Ratchet until more enemies appear, or time runs out. The littler octopus will latch on to enemies and drain their energy until they are dead or get killed and blow up.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play) Exp. (2nd play)
ApOCTOlypser Standard Medium 100 None 200 X
apOCTOlypser V2 Increased Power Medium 150 None 600 X
apOCTOlypser V3 Increased Power Medium 200 None 1000 X
apOCTOlypser V4 Increased Power Medium 250 None 1800 X
apOCTOlypser Increased All Medium-High 300 None 3000(Full) X
apOCTOlypser V6 Increased Power Medium-High 350 None X 5000
apOCTOlypser V7 Increased Power Medium-High 400 None X 5700
apOCTOlypser V8 Increased Power Medium-High 450 None X 6500
apOCTOlypser V9 Increased Range High 450 None X 7400
apOCTOlypser (Maxed) Increased Power High 500 None X 8500 (Full)

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DiehardR&Cfan 19:27, 25 December 2008 (UTC)

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