The Arm Cannon is the first weapon that is accessible in Galactic Ranger. It is given to you by HK2 when you reach the Cargo Hold. It fires average-power shots at good speed.It is the default weapon for all Galactic Rangers. It has a viroblade under the barrel.

Arm Cannon
Price 0 credits
Ammo Held 300
Ammo Cost 1
Rate of Fire Medium
Manufacturer Galactic Industries
First Available Batalia Orbit, Cargo Hold
Lock On Yes
Upgrade No
Upgrade Price N/A

Version Effect Damage Ammo Held Rate of Fire Mods Armour Damage
V1 Lock-On 75 100 Medium All Basic 9%
V2 None 90 200 Medium Damage 11%
V3 None 100 300 Medium Ordonance 13%
V4 None 115 400 Fast Speed 14%
V5 Ricochet 130 500 Fast All Mods 20%

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