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Price 200 000 bolts
Ammo Held 15 bombs
Ammo Cost 100 bolts
Rate of Fire 1 bomb per 5 seconds
Manufacturer TerraNova
First Available Norix
Lock On no
Upgrade Nuclearia
Upgrade Price

The Atomica is a powerful weapon manufactured by TerraNova Industries. It is (Suggesting by it's name) an Atomic weapon, which has an extremely large radius. It is not as powerful as the high-end products TerraNova produces, but the range makes up for it.

History Edit

When TerraNova industries were being attacked by mass armies of Ambassador Dason, TerraNova decided to create a weapon that wipe out multiple eniemies in one shot. The result: a potentially brilliant weapon named the Atomica. The technology behind it was the work of TerraNova's highly-trained scientists which used atom fusion technology to form explosives. However, the Proclimation of Cosmonia denied the use of this weapon as it was extremly powerful. Many lives were lost on the Planet Lorend, as the testing of the beta weapon was ovepowered resulting in a devsating disaster. The plan was thought to be lost, until TerraNova reduced the power and range to create a legal weapon. The published weapon has a damage of 800 at V1 with a 30% growth rate per level.

Appearances Edit

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