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Battle of Obani Draco

Battle of Obani Gemni

Obani Moon War




Obani Gemni


Galactic Fleet Pyrrhic victory


Galactic Fleet

Blargian Federation



Field Marshal Drell


500 Galactic Rangers

  • 900 Blargian Paratroopers
  • 100 Blargian Flamethrowers

490 Galactic Rangers

  • 200 Blargian Paratroopers
  • 100 Blargian Flamethrowers


The Obani Moon War begins. Chairmen Drek orders the assault and Field Marshall Drell lands 900 Paratroopers and Flamethrowers on the surface of Obani Gemni. After civil forces were defeated without any losses on the Blarg side, a battalion of 500 Rangers battles against the alien occupiers. The conflict was bloody with 300 Blargs and 490 Rangers dying.


900 Hours

  • A battalion made up of 900 Paratroopers and 100 Flamethrowers leaves from a Blargian warship and launches a blitzkrieg against Obani Gemni. Civil defense forces are quickly overrun and they send a distress message to the Galactic Fleet.

10000 Hours

  • The Galactic Fleet sends out its rapid force of a ranger battalion consisting of 500 Galactic Rangers to retake Obani Gemni.

1100 Hours

  • A galactic ranger platoon assaults the first outpost killing 20 Blargian Flamethrowers and their 30 Paratrooper escort.
  • Field Marshal Drell is alerted of the losses and executes his second-in-command for failing to report it, and promotes another soldier to major in order to replace him.

1200 Hours

  • Rangers and Blargian troops clash on the outskirts of the capital, the rangers retreat. 100 Paratroopers and the remaining flamethrowers are killed along with 200 Rangers.

1300 Hours

  • The Rangers launch another offensive, which pushes the Blarg off of the surface. 390 Rangers are killed, along with 80 Paratroopers. Charimen Drek executes Field Marshall Drell for his failure.

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