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Captain Fwark is long lust brothur of Qwark

Captain Fwark is the long lust brothur of captain Qwark and is like captin qwark accept he is red not gren. He likes hot dogs and eats hot dogs and throw hot dogs at people. He is voiced Gilbert Gottfried in seasons 1 and 2, and Eddie Murphy in season 3.


Captain fwark was born from daddy dwark and momma rawrk and is twin with captain qawrk. They live happy in speys for a few whiles until meteor crash into daddy dwark and he got ded :(. Momma Rawrk died in spess and Captain Qwark was serparated from brother Fwark in speyss.

Captain fwark landed on clown planet and was razed by clowns fopr 5 yeers or sumthin (and tha walls were maed of bananium). When he turned 6, he flew into speyss again and landed on da mun. On da mun, he mastered the art of hot dog warfair and created the hot dog gun. This is why the mun has wholes because it has hooles like a hot dog. then he teleported to the earthenplace and lived 5ever there. un4chanately he died of glacoma after ingesting a can

Relationship with Other CharsEdit

Cool with:


Metal Fwark is very bad :(

 Captain Qwark
  • Ratchet
  • Clank
  • Other inferior plebs
  • Florana Tree Beast (IS ACTUALLY QWARK :OOOOO)

Bad with:

  • Doctor Nefarious
  • Any other bad dood

Wepons of choiceEdit

Most offen, Captin Fwark will use his Hot dog gun to kill bad doods. Additionally, he has a taco launcher, corn cannon, and a Super Soaker filled with cat piss. Alterntaively, Captain fwark knows how to kill a man in over 420 ways with his bare hands (and he can turn them into hot dog.)

Captain fwark hot dog gun

Captain Fwark luvs his hot dogs c:

Captain Fwark: the Move!!!!! Edit


cAptain Fwark's new movavvi cummin soon :D

in 2023 capt fork will beget his own movie in movies!! it be called captin fwark space*ace (you have to put the star thingy there bcz is looks cooler and itll be based off the lief of caption fwack. he is gunna b voiced by his oreganol foice actress gilbert got fried. it is directed, writed, and stared by captain fwark himself! see it in imax and VHS soondays

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