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The Cerulleans were a race of creatures that lived on the planet Cerrulia. Ambassador Dason named them after his previous invasions of the Cerullean Sector in Polaris, but they were never abundant in the Cerullean Sector before and were simply a race named after a location. They were not only found by Dason, but were also vigorously brain-washed to become a military race.


  • Cerulleans were not related to the Cerulleans of Polaris.


  • Cerullean Grunter
  • Cerullean Mega Grunter
  • Cerullean Trooper
  • Cerullean Private
  • Cerullean Striker
  • Cerullean Mechanic
  • Cerullean Master
  • Cerullean Sergeant

Notable CharactersEdit

  • General Sarkon
  • Araplee

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