Commander Rex was a high ranking official within the Praetorian guard. During the Great War he was captured by the Cragmites and kept on Reepor for interrogation. Sadly the chronic torture caused his mind to become unstable. Anything that looks even somewhat suspicious he will blow up with his lava blaster. Azimuth knew that another lombax was roaming the galaxy,but he didn't tell Ratchet. He figured Rex was useless and would prove no help to him or Ratchet. Rex still does have memories of the war though. Because of his stranded status he still thinks the war is going on and plans to take out the Cragmite leader.


Captain Rex has a scared appearance do to battles and torture. A robo patch is placed over his right eye that is useless after a hand to hand combat with a Cragmite general. A large gash over his left eye was made by a poisonous scratch of one of the torture instruments the Cragmites used. His armor is standard of that for a Lombax Commander.

The Great War

During the Great War,Rex worked on Fastoon's planetary defense center. When troops began missing and lombax soldiers were running low,Rex was recruited for open battle. His first battle was on Sargasso to defend the research center.He was the only one to return alive from the fighting.After that he was moved to several outposts throughout the Polaris Galaxy including Kerwan,Kortog,and Cobalia to help defend the Gellatonium plants from being used as Cragmite weapon power sources. The Commander rose through the ranks quickly earning himself a position to train new soldiers. His last mission that left him stranded on Reepor was a spy mission. Rex was to take the place of the current spy that was injured on his last mission to Kreeli Comet. Rex had to find a safe open place to activate the Dimensionator and suck away all the Cragmites. He did find a place that was unfortunatley on secret survailence of the Cragmites and was caught. Rex was tortured for info on the Lombaxes and never gave in. His mind was eventually so tortured he went insane and was pronounced useless and next in line for exicution. He would've died except on the day of exicution all the Cragmites disappeared leaving him to wander Reepor alone.

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