Courtney Gears by LilShock

Courtney gears

When Courtney Gears was considered the sexy pop star of the galaxy, she starred in music videos and gave out awards to participants who won Annihilation Nation challenges. When Ratchet and Clank realised she had a connection with Dr. Nefarious, they attempted to obtain information from her about Dr. Nefarious's whereabouts. They quickly realized that Courtney had allied herself with Nefarious and that she was using her music to convey his plots. She was later responsible for kidnapping and replacing Clank with Klunk. She then turned Skid McMarx into a robot as part of a test for the upcoming Biobliterator project. The test took place at her head quarters on Obani Draco. Despite her fairly good fighting skills and the help of her backup dancers, Ratchet defeated her and almost destroyed her. Courtney Gears later became Reactor's girlfriend. An advertisement showing the might of the aforementioned Exterminator, showed that she did not seem to be a very caring girlfriend; she was after Reactor's money, of course. She was later involved in another scandal where she was known to have had an explicit video leaked onto the holofilm when Nefarious came back Courtney came back to her ex-boyfriend

Music Video Edit

The only known Courtney Gears song to appear throughout the series is the "Anti-Squishie" song from Up Your Arsenal

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