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Planet Dabbo.

Dabbo was a planet in the game Ratchet and Clank: Going Outgunned. Ratchet had to complete two missions, one about the fake danger and another to stop Nefarious from capturing the planet.

Climate and TerrainEdit

The climate on the planet was very odd in comparison with the other planets. It had two poles which were not cold in their center, but the zones around them were extremely freezing. Around these zones the climate was hot and arid and in the middle zone it was cold and moist. That happened on both hemispheres. On the first location for Ratchet's first mission the climate was cold, it was snowing and there was a frozen snow desert outside with a lot of buildings. On the second location, there was a large lake, several platforms on which Ratchet walked and there were a lot of very large trees.


  • Frozen City Laboratory Warehouse
  • Nefarious HQ


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