Trillium Ratchet

New Dark Ratchet after book one of R&CT

Dark Ratchet

Dark Ratchet in R&C:RoI

Dark Ratchet
is a character in book 2 of R&C:RoI. Ratchet was experimented on with Dark Matter by Infernox to create an all powerful super weapon. When it seemed it failed, Infernox walked out. Ratchet was then transformed into Dark Ratchet, an uncontrolable, untamable, mindless beast. He was able to run 3x faster than normal, jump 5x higher, throw Dark Energy balls, and shout out a powerful shockwave. When Ratchet changes his Dark Form, is emits a powerful shockwave that throws Clank off his back until he changes back.

Ratchet will wear Trillium armor after book one of R&CT.

Books where Dark Ratchet is seen:

 -Ratchet & Clank: The Dark Lombaxes
 -Ratchet & Clank: The Final Chapter

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