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Electroliseur v1.0

Electroliseur was a gadget created in the Chemical Factory on Aridium. It was used to hack certain devices.

Electroliseur v1.0Edit

The first version of the gadget had very limited functions, like repairing and hacking certain types of machinery.

Electroliseur v2.0/Gold ElectroliseurEdit

Electroliseur gold

Gold Electroliseur.

The next version of the gadget had more functions, such as destroying electronic circuits and hacked more kinds of machinery.

Electroliseur v2.1 (cut version)Edit

This version was cut because it was very similar to the previous one and had very small differences.

Electroliseur v3.0/Red ElectroliseurEdit

Electroliseur red

Red Electroliseur.

This was the last and most powerful version of the Electroliseur. This could hack even the largest supercomputers, even IRIS, destroy and control a lot of pieces of machinery even at the same time, from a very far distance.


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