Commando Plate Armor
Price 33,000 bolts
Damage Reduction 30%
First Available Megapolis, Endako

The Commando Plate Armor was a set of Armor developed by Megacorp for it's hired mercenaries or, "Commandos", following the Protopet Crisis. It offered more protection than the previous Commando Suit. Ratchet could purchase this armor during his return to the Bogon Galaxy. 


The Commando Plate Armor appeared exactly the same as the regular Commando Suit, except it boasted silver-colored metal knee armor, pauldrons, boots, and helmet.

Other FunctionsEdit

The Commando Plate Armor offered no other bonuses beside basic protection.

Appears InEdit

  • Ratchet & Clank: E N D G A M E 

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