Crater Bomb
Price Free
Ammo Held 30
Ammo Cost
Rate of Fire Medium
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Start of Game
Lock On No
Upgrade Meteor Bomb, Fission Bomb
Upgrade Price Level Up

The Crater Bomb is the auto-targeting succesor to the Bomb Glove manufactured by Gadgetron. It is good for taking out bigger opponents than the Breaker Blaster. Ratchet began the game with this weapon. It became the Meteor Bomb at Level 5, which became the Fission Bomb at Level 10. 

Non-Weapon UsesEdit

The Crater Bomb and it's upgrades can destroy certain walls, which are marked with the Quick Select icon of the Crater Bomb, though some, usually the ones that contain secrets, do not. 

Raritanium UpgradesEdit

  • More Ammo x4: Added five bombs to the ammo capacity. Cost 1000 Raritanium each.
  • More Damage x4: Added 5% damage to the weapon. Cost 1500 Raritanium each.
  • Bling x4: Multiplied the bolts recived from an enemy killed by this weapon. Cost 1500 Raritanium each.

Unique UpgradesEdit

  • Gel Bomb: Caused thrown bombs to stick to enemies. Cost 2500 Raritanium.

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