Fox Axel Azimuth

Name: Fox Axel Azimuth
Age: 10-12 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 4ft 3in
Weight: 76 pounds
Hobbies/Interests: Just hanging out with Fox, Spending time with his dad, Fishing, Hunting, and Swimming(like me)
Personality:Axel is a very sweet, kind, and friendly person who gets along well with most people. He is very close to his dad and almost is always never seen not near his dad because he is the only family he has left. Unless he is hanging out with Fox. He can get angry if somebody tries to hurt one of his friends or family and will attack somebody.

Pros: He is very strong for his age and has 2x the normal strength of a lombax his age. He wields the Moon-Shun-Da.
A very skilled swordsman, Agility, Really Smart

Cons:Unpredictable in battle, His tail

Father: Alister Azimuth(still alive)
Mother: Vixen McCloud(deceased)

Eye color: Light Brown

Fur color: Sand Color with Red-Orange Stripes

Race: Half Lombax/Half Fox

Location: Torren IV/New Lombax Home,(Planet Cerenia or Krystal's Home Planet)/Corneria

During the testing of the Dimensionator. Vixen had just escaped a car bomb set off by Andross who was heartbroken since she fell in love with James McCloud. The car bomb was intended for James, but went off to early with Fox and Vixen in it. Fox survived the bomb with minor injuries. Vixen managed to escape the explosion as well. She was thrown from the explosion off the road and down the cliffside surviving it. She got up and walked around. A portal opened up to the Lombaxes domension during the testing of the Dimensionator. She fell through and saw the Lombaxes who stared at her strangly. Alister looked at her and she looked at him and they fell in love.

Axel was born a few months after the events of Tachyon.
His mother died the delivery of him. Axel was kept unknowing of his mother's death until he was the age of six. His father is somewhat really overprotective of his son. Axel is a real genuis and loves to tinker with things and modify them to his own personal use. He along with his father created the dimensional glove. A device that allows you to summon forth a portal of darkness that takes you wherever you want to. His father really loves to spend time with him by hunting and fishing or whatever.

During the Great Clock he refused to fight his dad. And after Alister gave his life to save the universe Axel started to cry and the Zoni who saw his pain took pity upon him and healed his father restoring his life.
Axel copyright TheDrawerProductions

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