This is a PS3/PS4 game about a squad-based Ratchet & Clank experience. A new beginning is unveiled.


Apogee Space StationEdit

A long ago, kids were discovered by Ratchet until Nefarious finally destroys him by manipulating Clank. The Novices were trained by Clank and after 10 years, nefarious strikes again and the novices (Raid, Fang, Rosena, and Terrio) are heading out in a big adventure.

Weapons/Combat Devices Started

  • Combuster
  • Flashbanger


After crashing on Planet Hydaros, they battle nefarious' robots and saved a chairman of transportation which they got a new mail ship.

Weapons/Combat Devices Bought/Found

  • Blitz Boomer
  • Shell Blaster


A memorial for Ratchet was cancelled due to nefarious' attack, the heroes must defend the city. Then they found Captain Qwark who gave them coordinates to Kaigoon.

Weapon/Combat Devices bought/found

  • Dragon Launcher
  • Death Springs

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