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The Gadgetron Goo Gunker (GGG for short) squirts out slime/goo that looks like the small amoeboids (because it is).
The GGG has an atachment for the Suck Cannon. After you suck up the small amoeboids, you can attach the Suck Cannon onto the GGG and release them in there to be used as ammo.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play) Exp. (2nd play)
Goo Gun Standard Low 100 100 200 X
Goo Gun V2 Increased Ammo and Range Low-Medium 100 150 600 X
Goo Gun V3 Increased All Medium 150 200 1000 X
Goo Gun V4 Increased Power and Ammo Medium 200 250 1800 X
Goo GUNker Increased All Medium-High 300 400 3000(Full) X
Goo GUNker V6 Increased Power Medium-High 350 400 X 5000
Goo GUNker V7 Increased Power and Ammo Medium-High 400 450 X 5700
Goo GUNker V8 Increased Power Medium-High 450 450 X 6500
Goo GUNker V9 Increased Power and Ammo Medium-High 500 500 X 7400
Goo GUNker Maxed Increased Range High 500 500 X 8500 (Full)

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