The Gadgetron Goo Gun is similar to the lava gun and liquid nitrogen gun that was though up by diehardR&Cfan. The final upgrade looks similar to the picture GGG_maxed.JPG‎.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play) Exp. (2nd play)
Goo Gun Standard Low 100 100 200 X
Goo Gun V2 Increased Ammo and Range Low-Medium 100 150 600 X
Goo Gun V3 Increased All Medium 150 200 1000 X
Goo Gun V4 Increased Power and Ammo Medium 200 250 1800 X
Goo GUNker Increased All Medium-High 300 400 3000(Full) X
Goo GUNker V6 Increased Power Medium-High 350 400 X 5000
Goo GUNker V7 Increased Power and Ammo Medium-High 400 450 X 5700
Goo GUNker V8 Increased Power Medium-High 450 450 X 6500
Goo GUNker V9 Increased Power and Ammo Medium-High 500 500 X 7400
Goo GUNker Maxed Increased Range High 500 500 X 8500 (Full)

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