Price 3000 bolts
Ammo Held 150
Ammo Cost 1 bolt
Rate of Fire Fast
Manufacturer XV8 Industries
First Available Viceron
Lock On Yes(V3)
Upgrade Hellhound
Upgrade Price Free

The Gargoyle is a weapon in Ratchet- Bounty Hunter. The Gargoyle is a rapid-fire electrical weapon that fires lethal bolts of lightning at foes. It increases its ammo by 50 every time it upgrades. At V3, it gets the Lock-On Mod for free. It finally upgrades into the Hellhound at V5.

Side rail gun hi

The Gargoyle

Version Functionality Power Ammo Range EXP(1st play)
V1 Standard 150 150 Medium 200
V2 More Power 185 200 Medium 600
V3 More Power/ Lock-On Mod 210 250 Medium 1150
V4 More Power/ Shock Mod 250 300 Medium 1700
Hellhound More Power/Shots Rebound 390 400 Long Full

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