"You know what? I'm Gleeman Vox's wife and a SUUUUUUUPERVILLAIN!"
—Gleegirl Fox.

Gleegirl Fox was a cyborg. She was Gleeman Vox's wife and she founded the company named Fox Industries, the largest company in both the Solana II and Polaris II galaxies. Her clothing was just like Vox, but with a long hair and holding a microphone. She is currently voiced by Rosie O'Donnell.



She was married with the evil modul who created DreadZone named Gleeman Vox before the events of Ratchet & Clank: Another mission?.

As the founder of Fox IndustriesEdit

After she was married by Vox, she started creating the company named "Fox Industries". At first, she hire many employees to work with the company, most of them are cyborgs. Later, she constructed the company's headquraters in the Vester Mountains. It went operational when it was completed.

Popularity in the Solana Galaxy IIEdit

After many years of working of the company, it became popular in the Solana Galaxy II. The government ranked "The Galaxy's largest manufacturer" and continued to work for her.

Competing Lox IndustriesEdit

One year later, Emperor Atto Disruptor founded the company named Lox Industries but it made a rivalry against other. The government of the Polaris Galaxy II chose Fox Industries as the popular manufacturer.

Work in the Polaris Galaxy IIEdit

She constructed a new building in the Polaris Galaxy II. At first, she hired Nefarious's troopers to work with the company. Later, after the construction of the building was completed, it started to work well.

Popularity in the Polaris Galaxy IIEdit

The same day when it was operational, it also became the largest manufacturer in that galaxy.


It was revealed that Gleegirl Fox was pregnant but the name of the baby was Owen Fox. It was of the storyline when the second game in the Clank & Klunk series named Clank & Klunk: Work with Megacorp was released.

Owen Fox (2013 - present)Edit

In Clank & Klunk: Work with Megacorp, Owen Fox, Fox's baby, appeared in the game as a baby. In the current series, he is 1 year old now and he can use weapons.

Return (Clank & Klunk: Sofia's Adventure)Edit

She returned along with Gleeman Vox and Owen Fox in Clank & Klunk: Sofia's Adventure.

Friendly Competition with Sofia IndustriesEdit

After one year of work, Sofia Industries was formed before the events of Sofia's Adventure. According to TJ Fixman, they had a friendly competition with the company.

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