The Great Clock was located in Breegus Nebula and was where Clank was trapped by Dr. Nefarious. The Zoni constructed it in the center of the universe (give or take 50 feet) and brought Clank there because he was the rightful owner of the Clock after inheriting it from his father, Orvus, the leader of the Zoni. Clank also befriended a robot named Sigmund here who was the Junior Caretaker of the facility and referred to the clock as the universe's contingency plan. It was constructed to keep the balance of time in order after improper use of time travel by the Fongoids created a small tear in the space-time continuum, destroying 83 celestial entities. Orvus claimed that using the clock improperly could rip the universe apart, and that under no circumstance should the Clock be used as a time machine.

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