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Great War Battlefront is a fictional PSP and PS3-game. It's storyline was set during The Great War, a great war betwhen the lombaxes and the cragmites. It's based on the Star Wars: Battlefront and the Battlefield series.

Playable characters an their weapons Edit

  • Cragmite Warrior
  • Lombax Soldier
  • Cragmite Marksman
  • Lombax Sniper (Alpha Cannon-C (sniper-version of the Alpha Cannon)
  • Cragmite Heavy Trooper (Weapons: Quantum-Demoleculizer)
  • Lombax Heavy Trooper (Weapons: Alpha Cannon)
  • Cragmite Engineer
  • Lombax Engineer
  • Cragmite Medic
  • Lombax Medic (Weapons: Nanotech Launcher (Not realy a weapon), Golden Groovitron (Not realy a weapon), )

Maps Edit

  • Fastoon
  • Reepor
  • Cobalia
  • Sargasso
  • Merdegraw
  • CTS (Cragmite Tactical Research Station)

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