"Devastator? Flux Rifle? Our platoon's speciality weapon? I'd give you that but some strange force is stopping me from doing it. Ah well, an Arm Cannon will do."

HK2 in the HK Chariot, giving HK22 his Arm Cannon

HK2 is a Galactic Ranger in HK Platoon. He is known as "The Armory" due to his extreme amount of guns.

Appearance and Personality Edit

HK2 is a very old ranger, with rusty joints and peelng paint. He has seen over 70 years of service, even more than HK1 even though he is HK Platoon's commander. He is still in the game, though, with the paintjob to prove it- chevron round the edge of his torso and gun. He doesn't have the normal arm cannon, but rather his own Devastator with modified ammo capacity. He also uses a Flux Rifle.

Stats  Edit

Kills- 18462

Battles- 269

Troop Type- Shock Troop

Weapon Damage- Massive

Armour- Low

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