HK chariot

The HK Chariot

The HK Chariot is the transport ship used by HK Platoon in Galactic Ranger. It is in orbit around Batalia in the beginning of the game, but is shot down by a Tyhrranoid ship after fighting off a few troops.

Locations in the HK Chariot Edit

Pod Deck Edit

This deck is full of pods on two different levels, with 75 pods on each level. Troopers awaken from cryosleep here. Private HK22 wakes up here in the beginning of the game. The deck is dark and hung with liquid nitrogen fumes.

Sector 3 Edit

This is the belly of the ship. It is simply a hallway that stretches along the length of the ship. However, there is a lock halfway that can only be opened by using aiming technology, i.e. getting the player used to the controls. One side of the hallway is merely a window. You can see Planet Batalia down below, as well as other ships.

Cargo Hold Edit

This is the storage level for all of the guns and supplies. HK22 gets his Arm Cannon from HK2 in his own stash of weapons. After getting the gun, the ship shakes as a Tyhrranoid ship boards and releases troops. HK22 and some other troopers fight them and move forward to the Ship Bay.

Ship Bay Edit

The Ship Bay is the final area in the HK Chariot. It has two distinct levels- one for attack ships, one for transport ships. The final battle with the basic 'noids concludes here as the ship is hit by several missiles. HK Platoon must climb the debris and destroyed staircases to get to the dropships in one minute before they are killed. After escaping from the ship, HK Platoon watches it explode as it crashes into the planet.

Enemies in the HK Chariot Edit

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