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Ice Nefarious
Ice Nefarious
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8,5 feet

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bright green

You have no chance, lombax! My creator has your robotic friend! And now I'm going to destroy you! Ice Nefarious to Ratchet, during the boss battle at Tetaleria.

Ice Nefarious is the final boss in the fictional game Ratchet: The Return of Dr. Nefarious. Dr. Nefarious controlled him from the Breegus Nebula. Ratchet and Talwyn fought him on planet Tetaleria. Ice Nefarious was not totaly destroyed after the battle, but his head was his only working part.

History Edit

Ice Nefarious was created by Dr. Nefarious. He is protected by a combination of a Chameleon Armor, an infernox armor and a carbonox armor. Ice Nefarious has no free will, he does exactly what Nefarious is telling him. He was tested against Giant Klunk, and Klunk had no chance at all. But Dr. Nefarious stopped Ice Nefarious from destoying Klunk. He had passed the test.

Boss battle Edit

Ice Nefarious had a lot of health and his attacks does a lot of damage. His flamethrower (witch is shown on the picture) was the worst and deadliest. He also owned a RYNO II-C.


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