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KA 47
KA 47
Price upgrade
Ammo Held 300
Ammo Cost 5 bolts
Rate of Fire 10 rounds/second
Manufacturer Dr. Nefarious Industries
First Available
Lock On yes
Upgrade none
Upgrade Price

The KA 47 was a fully automatic ultra-compact assualt rifle/machine pistol, developed by Dr. Nefarious Industries. It was an upgraded and much shorter version of the 74 KA. It used advanced nanotechnology to get an impressive high ammo held.

Modifications Edit

Armor piercing roundsEdit

  • Effect: Increases the weapon's damage against armored enemies.
  • Cost: 200 000 bolts.
  • First avalible:

Drum magazinesEdit

  • Effect: Multiplies the weapon's ammo held with 3.
  • Cost: 3 000 000 bolts.
  • First avalible


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