Keyropes are the Solana's "Greatest Creators" of the galaxy. Believed to be existed as warriors and widely considered a fairy legend parents told to kids how Solana Galaxy was born.


  • Keyrope Blader
  • Keyrope Bolter
  • Keyrope Buster Blader
  • Keyrope Brute Bolter


  • Keyrope Troop Carrier
  • Keyrope Mortar Tank
  • Keyrope Hover Car


  • Sentinel
  • KCU (Kaiser Control Unit)
  • Humanoid-Class Sentinel
  • Science Guards
  • Science Guards V 2.0


  • Trishula-Keyrobe City
  • Dreen Omni-Library
  • Space Junkyard-Hidden Arsenal Zelor (previous stationed before destruction)
  • Jedoffe-Raregold Forge
  • Radionβ-Ultimo Command Center

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