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The Laserblaster is a sub-machine gun developed by Gadgetron.

Price free
Ammo Held V1=300, V2=340, V3=380, V4=440, V5=500.
Ammo Cost 2 bolts
Rate of Fire 15 shots/second (900 RPM)
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Capital City
Lock On yes
Upgrade Magma Laserblaster
Upgrade Price


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Medium 15 300 500
V2 Increased Power Medium 30 340 1000
V3 Increased Range High 45 380 1500
V4 Lock-on mod High 75 440 3000
Magma Laserblaster Acidic modification High 100 500 Full

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