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Info Edit

Matter Converter
Matter Converter Final

Matter Converter Concept

Price 15,000(bought from Smuggler on planet Blogan)
Ammo Held 0
Ammo Cost 0
Rate of Fire aim at object to be convertered, fire, and that's it
Manufacturer unknown
First Available First trip to planet Blogan
Lock On Yes
Upgrade none
Upgrade Price none

This gadget is called the Matter Converter. This gadget will be able to change the matter of certain liquids and objects, like...

-lava to water

-deadly ice to metal

-poisonous/acidic gas to rock

-wood to rubber (that you can bounce off of)

-slipery glass to sand

Some combinations are still unknown so it is best to try to use it whenever possible.

History Edit

This gadget came from the Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy. It is actually made up of some of the remains of the Dreadzone space station. The gears are forged from some of the iron used to hold the station together while the casing is made of the bodies of Dreadzone robots. It has made it's way to (insert galaxy of your choice) by means of smuggling; involving the Smuggler, himself. This gadget is a mystery in itself. So far the only things know about it are where it came from and what it does. The way it supposidly works is by fusing Dark Matter with Strange Matter to create a type of Anti-Matter which, when it collides with stable atoms, will destabalize them and transform them into a different type of material or object. The rareitanium bars coming out of the device help stabalize the fusion process as it is forming. The inner workings of this device are somewhat known but have not been seen in 5 years. That is because the maker of this device was tossed in the trash along with the specs of the machine by a low paid Tyhrranoid house cleaner. There is also a rumor that says the Zoni were somehow involved with the creation of the device.

Ratchet obtains this gadget on planet Blogan (coming soon). It is purchased from the Smuggler once you get to an area that is unpassable. Once bought, you can use the gadget to progress through the level by changing certain environmental matter into other matter.

Facts Edit

-This gadget is very useful because it can help you find new and secret areas not accessable without it.

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