dont edit this page or else moar krabs will come and moar you to death thank you !

A demon from the land of bikini bottom on a happy day at the krusty krab this demon was born when he ordered spongebob to get a million jellyfishes so he can eat their jelly . When spongebob got back he took a mutated jellyfish and mr krabs ate the jelly and reppetilltedly said moar and mutated in the abomination we know today. the evil krab destroyed and crucified the binkini bottom citizens .And one day gave his blood to squidward patrick and spongebob and then all hope is lost . Until a brave youtuber came and decided to make fun of these monstrosites and saved the world but one day in the world the evils will came out of their prison .
MOAR KRABS by Sporemaster

hello iam the evil of bikini bottom give me your soul moar !

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