This is a game about Dr.Nefarious.He is going to help the robots to destroy all squishes


Nefarious:The bookEdit

Dr.Nefarious' wanted to write a book. When he wrote the book,he decided edit it.When he read it,he tought about all this adventures and they are turned into levels.

Nefarious and KlunkEdit

Klunk joined Nefarious' adventures in the next book.The first game with main story.The robots are battling for the last newspaper left in the galaxy.Nefarious is going to turn the squishes into robots.And then he steals the newspaper.

Nefarious and Klunk:Ratchet and Clank AppearingEdit

It is known like "Nefarious and Klunk:Up your Arsenal from the other side"In some countries. This is the story of Up Your Arsenal,but from Nefarious' side.Klunk is broken and then Nefarious "heal" him.Then R&C duo comes to destroy Klunk.But then Klunk revives.

Secret Villian KlunkEdit

The Secret Agent Clank from the oder side

Nefarious:Annoy The ZoniEdit

Nefarious is going to annoy the Zoni.They said him to stop.He said he will stop if they give him a gift.But he decided to destroy them all.

Nefarious and Klunk:Klunk is backEdit

Nefarious goes to the Jowai resort.There are Ratchet and Clank.He is chaseing them.But he suddenly founds Klunk and they are going to found another adventures like smashing some of the Technomites.

Nefarious and Klunk Past:Gadgets of CreatingEdit

Nefarious is plying Tools of Destruction.But suddenly his Playstation3 is turned into a Timemachine.Then he lose it.He is looking for it in all galaxys.He find it and teleport himself and Klunk to the past and he defeats The Squishleader.But he break the Timemachine.

Nefarious:Repair QuestEdit

Nefarious tryes to find someone who can repair the Timemachine.

Klunk:Special editionEdit

Klunk decided to wrote a book named:"Klunk's tales".When he wrote the book,a film director made a film with a story from the book.Klunk is acting there.The film should be perfect and Klunk want this too