Price Free 
Ammo Held 20 Cryocharges 
Ammo Cost 40 bolts per Cyrocharge
Rate of Fire Medium
Manufacturer GrummelNet 
First Available Rascun Caves
Lock On No
Upgrade Cryobomb Launcher 
Upgrade Price Level Up 

The Cryoshot was a freezing weapon developed by GrummelNet. Ratchet found one in an abandoned Lombax Research Facility inside of the Rascun Caves. It upgraded to the Cryobomb Launcher, whose balls of ice exploded and froze everything within the blast radius. 


  • V1 | Standard ammunition capacity of 20
  • V2 | Increased Range
  • V3 | Increased Damage 
  • V4 | Increased Damage
  • V5 | Cryobomb Launcher

Raritanium UpgradesEdit

  • Increased Ammunition x2: Each upgrade added 5 to the Ammo Capacity. Cost 750 Raritanium each.
  • Increased Range x2: Cost 600 Raritanium each.
  • Increased Damage x3: Cost 800 Raritanium each.
  • Special Upgrade: Frostbite Shards: Enemies frozen by a Cyroshot shot take damage over time. Cost 1900 Raritanium. 

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