Gamma Rifle
Price 32,000 Bolts
Ammo Held 12 Capsules
Ammo Cost 50 Bolts per Capsule
Rate of Fire Slow
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Lombax Research Facility, Rascun Caves
Lock On No
Upgrade Beta Rifle
Upgrade Price Level Up

The Gamma Rifle was a Sniper Rifle manufactured by Gadgetron during the war on Telihedros. Ratchet could purchase this weapon starting at the abandoned Lombax Research Facility in the Rascun Caves. At Level Five, it upgraded to the Beta Rifle, which capsules went through multiple enemies. 


  • V1 | Standard ammunition capacity of 10
  • V2 | Damage increase 
  • V3 | Better ammunition capacity of 12 
  • V4 | Damage increase
  • V5 | Gamma Rifle 

Raritanium UpgradesEdit

  • Increased Damage x2: Cost 600 Raritanium each.
  • Increased Ammunition x2: Each upgrade adds 2 capsules to the ammo capacity. Cost 800 Raritanium each.
  • Looting x3: Cost 600 Raritanium each.
  • Special Upgrade: Velocity Multiplier:The farther a bullet shot from the Gamma Rifle travels, the more damage it does. Cost 1760 Rartianium. 

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