Price Free
Ammo Held 140 Bullets
Ammo Cost 1 Bolt per Bullet
Rate of Fire Fast
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Horu River, Telihedros
Lock On Yes
Upgrade Tri-Perforater
Upgrade Price Level Up

The Perforater was a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron during the war on Telihedros. Ratchet began the game with this weapon, along with the Detonator Glove . It upgraded to the Tri-Perforater, a triple-barreled, more powerful pistol similar to the Magma Combuster, which shot three bullets for each pull of the trigger. 


  • V1 | Standard ammunition capacity of 140 
  • V2 | Bullets Ricochet
  • V3 | Increased Damage
  • V4 | Increased ammunition capacity of 180 
  • V5 | Tri-Perforater

Raritanium UpgradesEdit

  • Increased Range x3: Cost 50 Raritanium each.
  • Increased Damage x3: Cost 150 Raritanium each.
  • Increased Rate of Fire x2: Cost 150 Raritanium each.
  • Looting x1: Costs 300 Raritanium.
  • Special Upgrade: Ripper Bullets: Bullets go through and hit multiple enemies. Cost 500 Raritanium.

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