Like in Tools of Destruction, weapons and gadgets in Ratchet & Clank: Nexus can be upgraded with Raritanium. Enemies will drop Raritanium, though they will drop more Bolts than Raritanium. By going into the inventory, selecting a weapon or gadget and pressing Square will allow the player to upgrade their weapon. Each weapon has 4 Hexes where upgrades can be placed: 3 for normal upgrades and 1 for a Special Upgrade. 

Standard UpgradesEdit

  • Increased Damage: Fired shots damage enemies more.
  • Increased Range: Shots travel farther.
  • Increased Rate of Fire: Avaliable only for automatic weapons, this upgrade increases the RPS output.
  • Looting: Enemies drop more Bolts and Raritanium when killed with a weapon this upgrade has been applied to.
  • Increased Ammunition: Weapons can hold more Ammo.
  • Wider AOE: Increases the distance of the explosion from explosive-based weapons, and the spread of the shot  of the Immolator and Nitro Gun. 

Special Upgrades                             Edit

  • Ripper Bullets | Perforater: Bullets travel through and hit multiple enemies. Cost 500 Raritanium. 
  • Thunder Branches | Detonator Glove: Lightning would lash out from the center of the explosion and shcok enemies. Cost 1540 Raritanium.
  • Inferno Coils | Immolator: Enemies are set alight when shot. Cost 1500 Raritanium. 
  • Kinetic Shield | Walloper: The field of energy generated by a Walloper punch deflects attacks. Cost 1700 Raritanium. 
  • Velocity Multiplier | Gamma Rifle: The farther a bullet shot from the Gamma Rifle travels, the more damage it does. Cost 1760 Rartianium.
  • Frostbite Shards | Cyroshot: Enemies frozen by a Cyroshot shot take damage over time. Cost 1900 Raritanium.
  • Clusterbomb Rockets | Vanquisher: Rockets split into two other rockets after being shot out. Cost 2250 Raritanium.
  • Chainlightning Shockers | Shock Dragon: Lightning travels in-between and shocks multiple enemies. Cost 2300 Raritanium.
  • Plasma Launcher | Telsa Whip: After a lash of the Telsa Whip, a ball of plasma is shot out. Cost 2500 Raritanium.
  • Duraplate Shell | Mr. Zurkon: Mr. Zurkon can take more hits before being destroyed. Cost 2500 Raritanium.
  • Rave Lasers | Groovitron Glove: The Groovitron deployed by the glove will shoot multicolored lasers that damage nearby dancing enemies. Cost 2700 Raritanium.
  • Thermal Clusters | Nitro Gun: Bullets that hit enemies explode. Cost 3000 Raritanium.
  • Duraplate Thorns | Spike Gauntlet: More spikes branch out from the main spike created by the gauntlet. Cost 3050 Raritanium. 
  • Shrapnel Bursts | Star Gun: When a blade is finished Ricocheting, it breaks up into shrapnel that cuts enemies. Cost 3300 Raritanium. 
  • Laser Cutters | Sentinel Orb: When the shield is destroyed, sharp lasers spin out from it and cut enemies. Cost 3670 Raritanium. 
  • Overload Ceiling Loft | Telerocket Laucher: The rocket can be flown longer before blowing up. Cost 4000 Raritanium.
  • Stellar Leviathans | Transportalizer: The portal attracts a Stellar Leviathan from the Polaris Galaxy to appear out and attack enemies before retreating back inside. Cost 4550 Raritanium.
  • Neural Aggression Generator | Transmorphitron: Enemies transformed into animals attack other enemies. Cost 4900 Raritanium.
  • Dark Matter Conducter | Apocolator: The beams fired by the Apocolator are much wider and hit more enemies. Cost 5800 Raritanium
  • 'Cortex Ravanger | 'RYNO VII: Along with a barrage of bomblets, missiles, and sprayfire, every five seconds, the RYNO VII with shoot out bolts of amplifed plasma that burned and shocked foes. Cost 7000 Raritanium. 

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