Price 25,000 bolts
Ammo Held Unlimited
Ammo Cost N / A
Rate of Fire Melee
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Treetop Village, Knull Forest
Lock On No
Upgrade Kerfuffler 
Upgrade Price Level Up

The Walloper was a melee weapon manufactured by Gadgetron during the war on Telihedros. Ratchet could purchase this weapon in the Treetop Village. When Ratchet punched with the weapon, a blue forcefield was generated around it that knocked enemies back and dealt damage. It remained a useful weapon throughout the game. The Walloper upgraded to the Kerfuffler, which allowed Ratchet to charge up the punch, which dealt more damage and knocked enemies farther back when it was. 


  • V1 | Standard damage
  • V2 | Damage increase
  • V3 | Knockback increase
  • V4 | Damage increase
  • V5 | Kerfuffler

Raritanium UpgradesEdit

  • Increased Damage x3: Cost 500 Raritanium each.
  • Special Upgrade: Kinetic Shield: The field of energy generated by a Walloper punch deflects attacks. Cost 1700 Raritanium. 

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