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Info Edit

Pierocitor final 2
Price 800,000 bolts
Ammo Held 300 pies (up to 500 pies with Raritanium upgrades)
Ammo Cost 40 bolts
Rate of Fire 4 pies per second (240 pies per minute)
Manufacturer Gadgetron/Big Al
First Available Al's Roboshack in Metropolis, Kerwan
Lock On Yes
Upgrade PIEromaniac
Upgrade Price None (upgrade obtained by extended use)

The PIErocitor is a modified version of the Pyrocitor. Pies are shot out in a cannon-like fashion at high speeds and with stupendous force. Steam can be seen constantly coming out of the pipe on the side, which is a result of the pies being cooked. On impact, pie filling and crust is splattered everywhere.

Here is a list of obtainable upgrades for the weapon:

Upgrade Functionality Price Amount Available to Purchase
Extra Ammo Adds 25 ammo each time it is upgraded for total increase of 100 pies 25 Raritanium per upgrade 4
Extra Range Increases the range of the weapon 25 Raritanium per upgrade 4
Extra Damage Increases the damage of the weapon 75 Raritanium per uprgrade 4
Magma Filling Changes the pie filling from Blargianberry to scorching hot magma. This upgrade leaves extra magma on the ground for other enemies to step in. 750 Raritanium 1

For statistics of the weapon, see the "Stats" section below.

Background Edit

The PIErocitor is a heavily modified version of Gadgetron's Pyrocitor. Al bought a Pyrocitor and modified it for his own use. Using the flame technology, Al created a device that cooked up his favorite Blargianberry pie with fast, and unintentionally lethal precision. Al eventually turned this cooking device into a weapon for Ratchet by increasing the speed at which the pie is served (or shot out). This result was a very deadly and @$$-kicking weapon that shoots out pies at very high speeds and deals tons of damage.

This weapon is obtainable at Al's Roboshack in Metropolis, Kerwan.

Facts Edit

  • The PIErocitor contains a built in oven and rapid cooling system.
  • This weapon doesn't pack a powerful punch... it packs a powerful LUNCH!
  • Chuck Norris is still 1,567,048,226,190 times stronger than this weapon.
  • Al still occasionally uses it for a midnight snack.
  • Insomniac games has one of these sitting in their kitchen for "emergency situations."

Stats Edit

*Note: The statistics listed DO NOT include the the Raritanium upgrades. The result of the weapon's stats may vary, depending on the upgrades purchased. 
Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Long 10,000 300 2000
V2 Increased Power Long 10,250 325 3000
V3 Increased Power Long 10,500 350 4500
V4 Increased Power Long 10,750 375 5500
PIEromaniac (V5) Increased Power Long 11,000 400 Full

Appearances Edit

  • Captain Qwark's My Blaster Runs Hot Ratchet & Clank Future Weapon Design Contest Sponsored by Gadgetron. (CQMBRHRCFWDCSG)

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