These are the weapons that appear in the Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Super Trio books:

All 4 One Weapons (In "Elite" Form)Edit

  1. Arc Lasher
  2. Blitzer
  3. Combuster
  4. Critter Strike
  5. Darkstar Fission Tether
  6. OmegaTech Frost Cannon
  7. Mr. Zurkon
  8. Plasmabomb Launcher
  9. Pyro Blaster
  10. Thundersmack
  11. Warmonger
  12. RYNO VI Protosuit
  13. Vac-U 4000

Special Weapons (In "Elite" Form)Edit

  1. (SuperGhostbuster) Zoni Ray
  2. (emrak) Cloaker
  3. (GUZ916) Doppelbanger (Origin of the Doppelbanger Nega-Trio)

Other Special WeaponsEdit

  1. (SuperGhostbuster) Holo-Knuckles (from Secret Agent Clank)
  2. (emrak) Walloper (from Secret Agent Clank)
  3. (GUZ916) Walloper (from Going Commando/Locked & Loaded)

Cut Weapons Edit

These Weapons were cut from the Ratchet & Clank series, but now are in this trilogy:

  1. Phoenix Launcher
  2. Razor Talons
  3. Hound of Doom
  4. All 4 One Blaster (emrak only)
  5. Pirate Bomb Device (GUZ916 only)
  6. Turncoat Bomb (SuperGhostbuster only)
  7. Grav-Sphere

Other New WeaponsEdit

3 out of 12 of these weapons were made by the books's creator (me), but one was not:

  1. Shotgun-Chuk (Not by me)
  2. Ninja Suit; Gives the user extreme agility and has a built-in Cloaker. (emrak only)
  3. Large Flame Obsidian Blade ;A long, light wrench from Dreadzone II. Allows the user to deal more damage with every strike. (GUZ916 only)
  4. Flinger Suit; Clank had uptained this from the planet Metalis (from Size Matters) while trying to fling the most Gadgebots through a football-type-goal. SuperGhostbuster has upgraded it so now he can fight with it. He uses Melee in it, but adds a 5,000 volt shock, plus he's able to help his friends get to out-of-reach locations. (SuperGhostbuster only)
  5. Shockwace Inducer (Not by me), first weapon.
  6. Alien Abductinator (Not by me, GUZ916 only), first weapon.
  7. Spike Gauntlet (Not by me, emrak only), second weapon.
  8. MaskerAID (Not by me, SuperGhostbuster only), third weapon.
  9. Boomerang Gun (Not by me), fifth weapon.

Other WeaponsEdit

  1. Pyrociter
  2. Devastator
  3. Decoy Glove (From Going Commando/Locked & Loaded)
  4. Visibomb Glove
  5. Gravity Bomb
  6. Minirocket Tube
  7. Lava Gun
  8. Bouncer
  9. Lancer
  10. Blitz Gun
  11. Seeker Gun
  12. Plasma Coil
  13. RYNO II
  14. Chopper
  15. Synthenoid
  16. Miniturret Glove
  17. Flux Rifle
  18. N60 Storm
  19. Plasma Whip
  20. Qwack-O-Ray
  21. Rift Inducer
  22. Shock Blaster
  23. Suck Cannon (From Up Your Arsenal)
  24. Nitro Launcher
  25. Annihilator
  26. Agents of Doom (From 'Up Your Arsenal)
  27. Holoshield Glove
  28. Infector
  29. Duel Vipers
  30. The Arbiter
  31. Magma Cannon
  32. Scorpion Flail
  33. B6-Obliterator
  34. Holoshield Launcher
  35. Hunter Mine Launcher
  36. Mini Turret Launcher
  37. The Harbinger
  38. Scorcher
  39. Lacerator
  40. Acid Bomb Glove
  41. Concussion Gun
  42. Sniper Mine
  43. Shock Rocket (From Secret Agent Clank)
  44. Mine Launcher
  45. Shard Gun
  46. Bee Mine Mk. II
  47. Buzz Blades
  48. RYNO IV
  49. Mag-Net Launcher
  50. Shock Ravager
  51. Nano Swarmers
  52. Razor Claws
  53. Plasma Beasts
  54. Shard Reaper
  55. Fusion Grenade
  56. Negotiator
  57. Plasma Striker
  58. CryoMine Glove
  59. Spiral of Death
  60. Tesla Spikes
  61. Dynamo of Doom
  62. Rift Inducer 5000
  63. Sonic Eruptor
  64. Groovitron Glove
  65. Quantum Deflector

Replaced WeaponsEdit

These weapons were originally going to be in the books, but were replaced by other weapons:

  1. Bee Mine Glove (Replaced by Bee Mine Mk. II)
  2. Fusion Rifle (Replaced by Sniper Mine)
  3. HoverBomb Gun (Replaced by Nitro Launcher)
  4. Shield Charger (Replaced by Quantum Deflector)
  5. Disc-Blade Gun (Replaced by Buzz Blades)
  6. Bomb Glove (Replaced by Acid Bomb Glove)
  7. Glove of Doom (Replaced by Agents of Doom


  • There are 95 weapons all together (not counting the replaced weapons), way more then any other Ratchet & Clank game or book/comic.
  • The Vac-U and Grav-Sphere are technically gadgets, but I put them there because they also act like weapons.
  • The weapons aren't seen all together in the first two books; they are all seen in the third book, though.
  • The "Ninja Suit" is just an upgraded version of the Ninja Nefarious skin from All 4 One.

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