These are the armor sets in Ratchet & Clank INVERTED

Lux's Commando Suit

Commando Suit


Lux's 2nd Armor

Crystal Plated Armor



  • Commando Suit

Lux started with the suit right off the bat. It offered no protection.

  • Crystal Plated Armor

Lux found a vendor that sold this armor for 10,000 bolts on planet Marcadia in a secret room he found by accident after getting the Qwark Vid-Comic. It offered 25% damage reduction.

  • ShockPlate Armor

​Ghost got a transmission from Slim Cognito saying he had obtained this "totally legal" armor from a friend. Lux then bought it for 50,000 bolts. It offered 63% damage reduction.

Lux's 3rd Armor

ShockPlate Armor


  • Lux's 4th Armor

    Aegis Mark V Armor

    Aegis Mark V Armor

Lux saw that the Phoenix's vendor was selling it for 100,000 bolts (He was startled to see how the armor prices kept getting higher). He then bought it and said, "Let's do this!" It offered 76% damage reduction.

  • MechaPlate Armor

This was Lux's final bought armor. After Lux and Ghost failed to beat Nefarious on Koros after destroying his Bioblitorator, Al sold this to Lux for 100,000 bolts saying it's usually 1,000,000 bolts. It offered 87% damage reduction.

Arena ArmorsEdit

-Here are the armors that Lux had to wear (even if he had other armors) in arenas because they no longer has oxygen.

  • Battle Suit

This was Lux's first arena battle outfit. Even if Lux had stronger armor on, this armor would only provide 20% damage reduction.

  • All-Star Armor

This armor was given to Lux for completing half of the arena challenges. It offered 79% damage reduction.


  • When Lux is on the Phoenix, he is always in his Commando outfit (except during the attack). This is because he has a button on all his armor sets built in. When he presses it, it removes all the armor (except the helmet which he leaves in the ship).
  • The Aegis Mark V armor is the most worn armor in the books.
  • The Aegis Mark V is also the only armor to keep it's real name.
  • Not including the arena armors, there are no armors that cover Lux's entire body.
Lux's 5th Armor

MechaPlate Armor

Lux's 2nd Arena Armor

Battle Armor

Lux (Arena Armor)

All-Star Armor

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