As The Legend of R&C: A New Beginning ends, Rachet and Clank escape from the collaspsing Well of Souls. Travesing away from Conveixity, they meet with Angela for the third and final (both characters die in this game) time.

Suddenly, thousands of .Sases sorround the Lombox Team. While they foucus on Angela more, Rachet preforms a Ultimate Ice Attack, freezing them all.

Cyril appears, contratualting them. He tells them that their guider to DIEcity was killed in the crystal, and only they (Did'ent Spyro and Cynder die?) can save the universe. Then, their (final) quest begins.

At the end of the game, they end up facing Sasha. They have to get rid of all ten fingers, using their Ultimate Elemental Attacks. After Sasha dies, as Rachet is stopping the world from falling apart, Angela admits that she loves Rachet, commititing both their deaths.

A final scene plays, showing Cyril becoming the new Chronicler, and Rachet and Angela flying happily, ending the Rachet and Clank series.


This is the final installment in the Rachet and Clank series, hence the booklet saying "The Legend Concudes..."

Being it having to get a perfect rating on GameSpot and IGN both at once, Insomiac had to go quick with this. They had to release it on 8 consles, stuff Free Flight in, not rush it like they did with ETD, use co-op play, get in more levels than DOTD, use eight Ultimate Attacks with two Extreme Attacks, and scoff it all into one game.

The game has managed to sell 3.4 million copies, so it has already sold 1.2 Greatest Hits copies.

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