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The RY3NO 10, is a more advanced type of the RY3NO. With approx. 6 barrels, it works like the RYNO IV in Ratchet and Clank Future:TOD. But, the RY3NO 10 has much less recoil, increased(43%) lock-on, and comes with an after-shock+charge-up mod. The barrels fire all at once. The RY3NO also has auto-fire, and works at a faster rate than the Optical Maser Array. It is also known as the RY3NOX139.

Seen inEdit

Ratchet & Clank Future 4: The Last Stand


The RY3NO 10 looks like a regular RYNO, only with red color and less shiny. The color idea comes from Klunk's eyes.


  1. Damage:59(one barrel)
  2. Ammo Max: V.1:200 V.2:400 V.3:600 MAX: 2000(titan version:4000)

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