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Ratchet- Bounty Hunter is an imagined game made by Insomniac. It takes place just after Ratchet completes DreadZone after killing Gleeman Vox. It has been made for the PS3 and is an average-sized game- however, several additional episodes are available to download.

Story Edit

Ratchet is finally resting after his brutal final confrontation with Gleeman Vox. After cutting off Quark's angry note about him missing Q-Force meetings, Clank tunes into the local radio for some pleasant music. Things suddenly change though, as he recieves a distress call from a nearby ship, which is being attacked by a wanted Zordoom inmate, an android named Chainsaw Charlie. After a brief fight in which Ratchet gets the XYZ Cannon and the Framgmentation Gun, he removes both of Charlie's arms and incapacitates the robot. As Ratchet interrogates him, a Zordoom official arrives and is amazed at Ratchet's handling of the case. He teleports the armless inamte, the lombax and the robot to Viceron.

In Viceron, as soon as the group touch down Charlie is obliterated by a cruiser missile. Whilst the official was fetching the now-dead outlaw, a group of prisoners organised a jailbreak, and are attempting to kill the CEO of Zordoom in the Cell Block Upsilon tower. Ratchet must fight his way to the CEO's office, fighting Flamethrower and Saw Droids as well as Blargian Smogtroopers. As Ratchet reaches the tenth floor, the one before the CEO, the organizer of the attacks, renegade Space Pirate Swab Brownsprocket destroys the wall and fights Ratchet in a comandeered Prison Ship. After the ship is destroyed, Brownsprocket makes to escape, but is stopped by a field from a MagNet Launcher fired by a mysterious figure. The figure sends the rouge pirate back to his cell with a Warp Pad and then teleports away itself. The Zordoom official, in return for saving the CEO, gives Ratchet a V9K Transport Ship.

When in space, Al contacts them. Al has landed his ship in the nearby captal city of Canengel. Ratchet pilots the ship to the city world.

Weapons Edit

Auto-Get Weapons Edit

XYZ Cannon- A powerful rocket launcher that functions by fusing subatomic X, Y and Z particles. Upgrades to the RNA Cannon.

Fragmentation Gun- A battery-powered laser that destroys molecular structure. Upgrades to the Demoleculizer.

Vendor Weapons Edit

Gargoyle- A rapid-fire gun that fires bolts of static electricity. Upgrades to the Hellhound.

MagNet Launcher- As in it's previous incarnations, the MagNet Launcher fires magnetic, electrified nets that stop enemies cold. Upgrades to the MagNet Polariser.

Gadgets Edit

Warp Pad- A warp pad is used to quickly teleport a person away from one area into another. It is recharged in your ship. It has five charges when used, which will give you one teleport from two points set by the player. This is useful when a player runs out of ammo in a high-enemy area.

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