Ratchet: Gear Up, in Europe known as Ratchet: Weaponry and in Japan as Ratchet: GaGaGa Adventure Za. The game was created by Insomniac Games and the additional story and alternate ending was created by Krunkman Gaming Kingdom.

Story Edit

Beginning Edit

Ratchet and his robotic partner Clank return from the adventures in the hit game Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Ratchet is at the time battling several Orgopoxics using his OmniWrench. Clank is seperated from Ratchet, thus Ratchet scurries through the damp rain forest looking for him. Eventually, Ratchet finds Clank tied up by a group of strangely intelligent Orgopoxics. Ratchet struggles to destroy the enemies and rescue Clank, however, it is managed. Ratchet brings Clank to the Fastoon hospital, however, Clank is dangerously injured and must stay in the hospital for another month. Ratchet was able to keep in contact with Clank however.

Striking into action Edit

Ratchet meets with Captain Qwark somewhere in the boundries of town. Ratchet, still upset and bored, falls into conversation with Qwark. Qwark tells Ratchet that in town they are talking about a machien outside of the planet that could be fatal and very dangerous. Ratchet contacts Clank, giving him the latest detail. Clank orders Ratchet to investigate and team with Qwark. Strangley, Qwark was excited about the journey. Ratchet grabs his weapons, helping Qwark prepare himself, and loads up a starfighter ready for action. Qwark was difficult getting into the starfighter, but eventually cooperated. As Ratchet manouvered the ship into space, he contacted Clank once more letting him know where they were headed and what Ratchet's area code was. Clank was able to compute the message and remember the area code.

It is later found out that the machine is called the Orthitrex and dominates villages with poison and fills them with Orgopoxics and other dangerous life forms and organisms. Ratchet finds that the mastermind behind the Orthitrex is a lombax named Mace Katrekki.

Endgame Edit

Ratchet fights Mace to the death as Ratchet is aided by Clank in his return. Qwark fires the winning shot from a RYNO V, winning them the victory. Ratchet then takes down Mace's flag declaring victory over the galaxy and frees everyone.

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