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the 8th game in the series, also the first to be rated M, has a negative outcome on which the behalf of Clank missing, gets transformed into a Klunk V.2


Ratchet goes into space to find clank when he crashes and lands on Kalidon. he was captured by the R.C.U unit 44th division and handed over to Klunk V.2, the new leader of the Technomites. Ratchet escapes the planet by destroying the life-support system, similar to those on the medical outpost omega. He later on goes to Veldin, where he meets Angela AGAIN. She gets shocked and Ratchet tells her what is going on. At the moment he finished, the Technomites set up a R.C.U invasion. at this part, Ratchet gets shot and is sent to a medical outpost immediately. Between the time when Ratchet got shot, Angela goes to the outpost and sits near the badly-hurt Ratchet. She kisses him on the forehead and leaves.

It's ShowtimeEdit

For the first time ever, Angela gets played after the course of Ratchet's Injury. Angela Sets off for Kalidon, where she fights clank (Klunk V.2) and kills him. This was kept a secret from Ratchet until the end of the game.

Gadgetron's faliureEdit

After the death of Evil clank, Gadgetron had taken the path against Ratchet and needed to be destroyed. Angela did this by smashing the Orbital facility.

Ratchet comes backEdit

After Ratchet successfully gets healed, him and Angela assault Nefarious for the final time, this time blowing him up.


During Nefarious' death, Ratchet gets pulled into the blast radius and dies.

This is the last game in the series, with both our heroes defeated. the final cutscene is when everyone, including Angela and Sasha, gather in Veldin and have his funeral. (Veldin was the planet he grew up in)

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