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RaC Undercover

Ratchet: Undercover was a cut game in the series. The reason why it was cut was because it was the shortest game in the series.

Ratchet Undercover

American cover of the game.


Insomniac Games had a lot of spare time to make a new game for PlayStation 2. The game development started at late 2005. Unfortunately, they kept developing the game while the brand new PlayStation 3 came out. Then, they had to stop the development instantly, so that is why the game ended up being so short.

However, it was announced that they will develop again the game to fit the PlayStation 4 console. Probable release date is unknown.


Ratchet and Clank had to complete a mission on Planet Aridium. But then, some enemies tried to steal the information they collected, so they kidnapped Clank. Ratchet then had to find him without getting caught.


  • OmniWrench 8064
  • Plasma Coil
  • Rift Inducer
  • Zodiac



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