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Ratchet & Clank: Drek's revenge is Insomniac's next game in the series. Ultimate Supreme Executive chairman Drek, leader of the Blarg, returns to get his revenge on Ratchet & Clank- the two who brought his downfall. It answers many questions about the Duos history.

Game playEdit

The Game play is similar to Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Hoverboots return. However, in Space flight mode, it is now similar to how it was in Ratchet & clank: Going Commando.

Weapons like the Rift inducer 3000 return.

There are 50 parts to fix IRIS, found in side quests and planets. This is the longest ratchet title ever. there is multiplayer as well, an advanced version of in UYA


Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek, the villain from the original Ratchet & Clank, has returned as a cyborg to kill ratchet& Clank. Having teleported off the planet about to be destroyed, drek regained his power by claiming that ratchet & Clank, who told of Drek's evil plan, were lying. he managed to convince the Blarg that he had done nothing evil and, thus, the Galaxy believed him. The Blarg were dying out and Drek created a planet without destroying others to gain the Galaxy's trust, and officially apologized for destroying others. Using nano tech, the nano tech creates artificial soil or water and thus creates part of a planet. Chairman Drek created this technology and used it to repair planets like Novalis, which were simply kept in existence using Tractor Beams.

Ratchet & Clank were made exiles, and so spent time in Boron, fixing the Galaxy's problems- the Barlow tribesmen used old Gadgetron technology to fake an attack from Solona. This lead to a Megacorp/Gadgetron war. Ratchet became a commando once more, defending Megacorp. Then, ratchet took the fight to Solona. Of course, he was constantly getting attacked by Bounty Hunters and Assassins. He soon discovered that Lord Vorselon was alive- with a new suit of armour sincce his old one had been destroyed. The B3 Brawler were among those that attacked him.

While ratchet was taking the fight to Solona, Clank went back to the Great Clock and gained another Chronoscepter to keep. After completting many tasks to fix time around the universe and to try prevent the war, the Zoni told Clank the following- Orvus is in the Solona Galaxy, and that the Drek they are fighting now was not the same they fought in the past. This puzzled Clank,. who thought that Drek was the same just a cyborg. The Zoni denied this.

Ratchet & Clank, now reunited, were now fighting as mercenaries, trying to prove their innocence and clear their name. They did so by defeating pirates and thugs, including one of Gleeman Vox henchman. This puzzled them, since there was no possible way Vox could have survived. After fighting on many worlds, they soon proved that the Tribesman were to blame. the Tribal Cheif told of someone who had hired him to perform all these actions. This had to be Drek.

Drek showed up, and told the two that he had been hiring everyone to attack the two, yes, he did start the war so that he could stop it. He claimed he knew the location of Orvus, who was locked away. Clank questoned how he existed, Drek simply said this-

"You honestly think that I am the same Drek? Yes, he DID die. He had no way of teleporting off. I am Drek's BROTHER, you fool!"

So know, ratchet & Clank were determined to sop him. Defeating his robot armies on many other worlds, Drek simply revealed his plan-

"Yes, it's true. I hired the assassins to get my revenge on you. Using the money I had gained for brining planets back, and creating others, that's how all this happened. Drek's last will was to kill the two of you! But Drek knows more about you than anyone! You think that a spaceship crashing on Veldin of all planets was a coincidence? Of course not! Drek and I, we made it happen! We created you so you could kill him! Confused? Well, soon you'll find out! And yes, the reason I sparked up a war was so that, when I seized control of all the Galaxy's greatest planets, I would have someone to blame! When I became ruler of the Galaxy, since this Galaxy love me, I will be the one ruling it!!"
—Drek revealing his master plan

Determined to stop him, they needed answers, so the went to a nearly- destroyed IRIS, which needed fixing. IRIS said that Drek has the part to fix it, but there are many others (which can be found in side quests to unlock an alternate ending).

The two finally attacked and defeated Drek.Drek told them, to put his last part in the IRIS super computer. They did as his dying wish said, then the following happened-

"Hello there, my son! i'm glad I finally got to meet you!"
—Orvus on IRIS
"...Dad? that's you?"
"Yes it's me! I was in that part Drek gave to you! but I was in something else too... I have a lot to explain to you. You see- Drek and I... are the same."
—Ratchet & clank
"yes. Drek, and his brother, are me. you see, when Nefarious nearly killed me, i warped back to when the two dreks were born. There mind was parttially mine"
"But... why try to kill me? Your son?"
"I didn't! I simply made Drek evil. As long as that part, that piece of IRIS was his, we were the same."
"So... you and Drek are the same person...?"
"{drek appears on the screen} Well, not exactly, in that I can be Drek if I like. Just I wanted to give you a challenge. I wanted someone who would create you as a duo. I set up a chain of events that led to you being friends. Also, I the technology to create planets using nanotech doesn't exist. It will, but it's fake. I simply used the Great Clock to recreate parts of planets and to make planets exist! But Nanotech was used though."
"I noticed- even brothers are not as alike as this Drek and the old Drek..."
"You are clever indeed. Nanotech was used to turn this Drek into the personality of the old Drek. Yoou seemed to find the original challenging, so I created him again. It was all so I could reveal my location to you! i was in IRIS. And that mysterious race who created IRIS? It was the Zoni! This is my backup place. I'll come out in a few years. But you, my son, have a lot to learn..."
—orvus, vanishing
"power Cells deactivating."

(crediits appear)

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