Ratchet & Clank meet Jak and Daxter is a fictional PSP and PS3 game by High Impact Games, a cross-over between Ratchet & Clank and Jak and Daxter.


Shortly after the defeat of Emperor Perchival Tachyon and Captain Romulus Slag, Ratchet and Talwyn seek out Big Al to repair the Dimensionator, so they can enter the Zoni dimension to rescue Clank. He is able to fix it, but moments after blasting off, the Dimensionator self-activates and sends Ratchet and Tawlyn into a parallel universe. They find themselves in a "Haven City", and after fighting past Freedom League troops to reclaim the Dimensionator, they are taken prisoner and banished to the desert Wasteland, left for dead. They make their way to Spargus City, to reclaim the Dimensionator from King Sig who is thought to have it. He doesn't have it and so, they steal a transport and return to Haven. It seems the Dimensionator has fallen into the hands of Air Pirates that ransacked the city when Ratchet and Talwyn were in the Wasteland and Spargus. They steal a Hell-Cat, and seek out to destroy the pirates, coming across their leader, Captain Phoenix who says he had traded it, and to find out who he traded it with, Ratchet will have to battle him. After defeating, Phoenix he tells them of a "Jak", a young hero much like Ratchet, before then dying after falling off his air-ship and into the propeller. Stealing Phoenix's ship, they track down Jak and his furry side-kick, Daxter, battling for the Dimensionator. They then decide that they must team up to take down the remaining pirates and robots that are running amok. Using the Dimensionator, the heroes return home, and Jak and Daxter fare-well them.

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