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Ratchet & Clank: The Avengers of the Q-Force is a upcoming movie based on the Marvel movie, The Avengers.


Percival Tachyon is back and reunited with his army of Drophyd but this time Cragmitas are fused with the Rando-Matic. Alister Azimuth has recovered and active Q-Vengers initiative, which involves getting a set of remarkable heroes to defeat a threat level Red 9. The Heroes are Ratchet Kadenson, Dr. Clank , Captain Galaxy Qwark, Iron Nefarious, Rusty Pete and Talwyn Apogee, now they must unite and fight Tachyon regardless.

The HeroesEdit

The Avengers were chosen for their latest actions which are:

  • Ratchet Kadenson: With your new Omniwrench can summon the powers of the Thunder
  • Dr. Clank / The Giant: He can become Giant Clank, and has learned many things that became a doctor.
  • Captain Galaxy / Qwark: Represents the galaxy in their battles and has become a super-soldier
  • Iron Nefarious: Help a planet (Magnus) and Create an armor that increases their powers.
  • Black Apogee / Talwyn Apogee: It has become a spy for T.I.M.E. and her fighting skills are amazing.
  • PirateEye / Rusty Pete: He Created a bow that shoots Ron to incredible speeds and modes

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