Ratchet & Clank: The Vision of the Past, also known as Ratchet & Clank: The Old Universe in PAL Countries, is a fictional PlayStation 3 game. It takes place after Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and shorter than Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. It was also one of the games to re-release it in High-Definition and one of the games to re-release it in the The Ratchet & Clank Collection 2, also for the PlayStation 3. On August 28, 2013, the Update Version 1.15 was released, together with the official release of Clank & Klunk: Sofia's Adventure.


It takes place on the past sections of the game.


A day on Veldin, Clank wants to retell all of the events happened on the past and Ratchet told it to him. First, he told the Great War of Fastoon and it was included Lombaxes and Cragmites. They had to destroy the Cragmites once and for all but it didn't happened. Ratchet born during the battle and his father named Kaden, brought him to the Solana Galaxy but he died along with the other Lombaxes. The left are Ratchet, Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth.

Another event was the Battle of Gimlick Valley. It was an another battle of the Fongoids against the Agorian Warriors. During the event, the dam was damaged and many Fongoids died and a Fongoid was left and the Agorians won the battle.


  • Veldin-Kyzil Plateau
  • Fastoon-Lombax Ruins (past section)
  • Morklon-Gimlick Valley (past section)


  • Slime Gun - Slime-o-Matic - Constructo Slime-o-Matic (update 1.15 only)
  • Bomb Launcher - Nuke Launcher - Constructo Nuke Launcher (update 1.15 only)
  • Songitron - Golden Songitron - Constructo Golden Songitron (update 1.15 only)
  • Mrs. Zurkon - Zurkoncious - Constructo Zurkoncious (update 1.15 only)
  • Sun Gun - Heat Gun - Constructo Heat Gun (update 1.15 only)



  • Gold Bolts
  • Bolts


  • Wannarong Armor
  • Duraplex Armor (challenge mode only)
  • Venderation Armor (update 1.15 only)
  • Dreparting Armor (update 1.15 only)
  • Duraplex Armor v2 (challenge mode and update 1.15 only)


Version 1.15Edit

An update for the game was released. This new update features the following: (together with the second collection)

  • Fixed some bugs for saving and loading data
  • Partnered with 3D glasses
  • Added Constructo upgrades for every weapon
  • Added armor

Version 1.20Edit

  • Bug fixes
    • Battle of Gimlick Valley Ending Bug - When the battle has finished, there are some users that they cannot play the ending scene because the game is still ongoing and they had completed 5 rounds and defeated all of the enemies completely.
    • Constructo Bug - Cannot bought on some users.

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