Ratchet and Clank - US-French cartoon series created a series of games with the label: Quido Animations.

The premiere of the show took place in the US on Nickelodeon November 23, 2015 while in France on 11 January 2016 on the channel Gulli.

Main Characters Edit

Ratchet - last Lombax and protagonist of the show.

Clank - little robot. Ratchet's friend & sidekick.

Captain Qwark - Galactic Guard leader and Ratchet's idol.

Cora - member of the Galactic Guard.

Elaris - member of the Galactic Guard.

Brax - member of the Galactic Guard.

Chairman Drek - main antagonist of Ratchet & Clank.

Dr. Nefarious - one of the main antagonists Ratchet and Clank.

Robot Zed - Drek's sidekick

Victor Von Ion - Drek's sidekick

Cast Edit

James Arnold Taylor - Ratchet/Police #1/Cop/Sherlock Slumb/Evil Ratchet

David Kaye - Clank/Police #2/Professor Joe/Evil Clank

Jim Ward - Captain Qwark/Mommy Qwark/Daddy Qwark/Evil Qwark

Kevin Michael Richardson - Chairman Drek/Grandpa Drek/Young Drek/Mayor

Frank Welker - Victor Von Ion/Girmorth

Armin Shimerman - Dr. Nefarious/Young Nefarious/Tony Blef/Dr. Nefarious (robot)

Tara Strong - Cora/Evil Cora

Grey DeLisle - Elaris/Old Lady/Evil Elaris

Vincent Tong - Brax/Evil Brax

Will Friedle - Robot Zed/Super Zed

Tom Kenny - Inspector McNyah

John DiMaggio - Michael Johnson/Rabbit

Eric Bauza - Captain Mars/Young Qwark

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